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Hope" the Miracle Puppy
NEW! Hope 4/05/2005
New Pictures of the little darling taken August 7, 2004. "Hope is feeling
much better, as you can see in these pictures. She is playful, fun loving,
and stands her ground with the other animals. She is running around
and eating like a hog. She has blessed so many people, especially us.
Thanks again to everyone for their help. They are too numerous to
mention here. We still find new dogs, like Newley, everyday. Newley is a
puppy from a stray mother that was pregnant. The female had ten (10)
puppies. Unfortunatley, Newley has a bacterial skin infection all over her
face, mouth, eyes, and ears. She is doing better and is expected to
make a full, yet facially scarred, recovery. If you would like to help for the
care and food for Newton, Hope, or any animal at Noah's Ark, please go
to the  
Contact Us   page and drop us a line. We will get back to you. If
you or anyone feels thay can give any of these animals a wonderful,
loving home, please let us know. We need good homes for these pets.
If you have any information about
this ruthless act, please call the
Midland County Sheriff at
Midland County Sheriff Home Page
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