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Our board awarded us a salary in 1999. Thus far, we have
not taken a cent, but continue to pump our own money into
the shelter so the animals have
their needs met. We are
constantly making repairs and trying to enlarge to make more
room for more animals. Out goal is to build a first class shelter
that serves the Permian Basin, where no animal will be
turned away.
That goal will be realized
In addition, we minister to 5-6 homes on a monthly basis. We give pet food to the elderly, disabled, and low
income so their animals don't go hungry. We sometimes help with 7-way shots when we have them
available, for which there is no charge. Sometimes we help with medical bills when funds allow. Sometimes
we  try to find someone that will pay the vet bill or allow it to be paid out over a period of time. At times we
keep animals for families when they are going through difficult situations and we can later reunite old friends,
when things are better.
We basically serve the Permian Basin. We have adopted and rescued animals from Midland, Odessa, Big
Spring, Rankin, Monahans, and Lamesa. We adopted two German Sheppard pups that went to Missouri.
They found us on our web site and drove all the way to Midland to pick them up. Dottie, a three legged
Dalmatian, came all they way from Ohio to be adopted by a fireman and his family here in Midland. We
estimate the current population of the Midland/Odessa area at approximately 300,000.  We try very hard
to pay no attention to race or economic status. We do however, find that the elderly have some very
pressing needs
My husband and I work full time taking care of the animals at the shelter. He works 16-18 hours each day
and I work about 50 hours a week after my office job. To date, we have taken no compensation for our
labor. There are no other employees. We do have a teen groupthat does volunteer work for us. They
help with food drives and various efforts. They have tier own web site and are a blessing to Noah's Ark.
There are a number of adults we call on for
A very pressing need at this time is pet food. Since we feed over 100 animals each day, it takes 300+
pounds of food each day to feed them. Recently, we have had to buy a good deal of food. When that
happens, we have less money for their Doctor bills, repairs, and other needs. We are also in very bad
need of a new roof on Noah's Ark. If you can help us with this need, it would truly be a gracious, donation,
that will benefit the currents animals we care for, and all the animals we hope to help in the future. Please
help us help them. God Bless.                -Nancy and Bob Rasnick  
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"Hope" the Miracle Puppy
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When my husband and I married in 1987, we each had one dog that
was the apple of our eye. They were both up in years so we
decided to adopt two more. When we moved to the country we
found that people were dumping dogs everywhere. We took several
in, got them healthy, and began trying to find good homes for them.
In time, our population grew to over thirty and we had to decided
whether to stop entirely, or begin asking for help. Our hearts would
not allow us to stop.
Our move from being a couple of people with a lot of dogs to having
a shelter was a gradual thing. I can't tell you exactly when that
happened. People have taken note of our efforts ans some great
things have happened. We have had air conditioners, refrigerators,
lumber, fencing, brick, cement, a van, a complete computer set up (
including printer, modem, and the whole works), and a motor home
given to us. A few foundations have given so we could purchase
storage buildings and other equipment.
A kind-hearted oil man sent one of his trucks and
drivers to San Antonio to pick up a truck load of pet
food for us from H.E.B. It is our desire to return
some of the generosity that we have received in
the form of help to those who need it most.

In 1999, we adopted a constitution and bylaws and
elected officers and board members. We then
applied for and received our 501 (c) (3)
determination letter from the I.R.S., and have very
busy ever since rescuing and helping animals. The
thing that we learned is that in order to help
animals, most of the time, included helping the
people that love them.
picky about where our animals go. If they can't have a better place
love them and spoil them for the rest of their lives. We are very and
given as much as we can provide.picky about where our animals
go. If they can't have a better place than we can offer them, they
stay with us. They are loved, spoiled, and given as much as we can
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